Fellow/Associate is the most prestigious membership of Global Journals accredited by Open Association of Research Society, U.S.A (OARS). The credentials of Fellow and Associate designations signify that the researcher has gained the knowledge of the fundamental and high-level concepts, and is a subject matter expert, proficient in an expertise course covering the professional code of conduct, and follows recognized standards of practice. The credentials are designated only to the researchers, scientists, and professionals that have been selected by a rigorous process by our Editorial Board and Management Board.

2024 Nominations Are Open

2024 nominations for Fellows are now open. Council is accepting the early invitations. All memberships renewable at 30% of the fee each year, but designation once awarded, is applicable for the lifetime.

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Exclusive Network

A Fellow/Associate member gets access to a closed network of Tier 1 researchers and scientists with direct communication channel through our website. Fellows and Members can reach out to other members or researchers directly.

Recognition On The Platform

All the fellows and associates will get a badge of "Leading Member of Global Journals" on the ResearchCommunity that distinguishes them from others. Additionally, the profile is also partially maintained by our team for better visibility and citation. All fellows and associates will get a dedicated page on the website with their biography.

Early Invitations

All fellows and members receive the early invitations to all the symposiums, seminars, conferences and webinars hosted by Global Journals in their subject.

Access to Editorial Board

Fellows and Associates may join as a member of the Editorial Board of Global Journals Incorporation (USA) after successful completion of three years as Fellow and as Peer Reviewer.

And Much More

All members get access to 5 selected scientific museums and observatories across the globe. All researches published with Global Journals will be kept under deep archival facilities across regions for future protections and disaster recovery. They get 10 GB free secure cloud access for storing research files.


Fellows and Associates receive a printed copy of a certificate and laser engraved Momento that may be used for academic purposes and a personal recommendation letter to the dean of member’s university.

Future Work

Fellows and Associates receive discounts on the future publications with Global Journals. Through our recommendation programs, members also receive discounts on publications made with OARS affiliated organizations.

Conferences & Events

Fellows and Associates are authorized to organize symposium/seminar/conference on behalf of Global Journal Incorporation (USA). They can also participate in the same organized by another institution as representative of Global Journal. In both the cases, it is mandatory for him to discuss with us and obtain our consent. Additionally, they'll get free research conferences (and others) alerts.


Fellow/Associate member is eligible to join as a paid peer reviewer at Global Journals Incorporation (USA) and can get a remuneration of 15% of author fees, taken from the author of a respective paper.


Members can use the honored title of membership. For example The “FCSRC” is an honored title which is accorded to a person’s name viz. Dr. John E. Hall, Ph.D., FCSRC or William Walldroff, M.S., FCSRC.

GJ Account

Fellows and Associates get secure and fast GJ work emails with unlimited forward of emails that they may use them as their primary email. For example, [email protected].

Premium Tools

To take future researches to the zenith, fellows and associates receive access to all the premium tools that Global Journals have to offer along with the partnership with some of the best marketing leading tools out there.

Publishing Articles & Books

Fellows and Associates can publish articles (limited) without any fees. Also, they can earn up to 60% of sales proceeds from the sale of reference/review books/literature/publishing of research paper. The Fellow/Associate member can decide its price and we can help in making the right decision.