Global Journals Inc. (US) is an international scientific journal publication. We are one of the world's leading and fastest-growing research publications with the paramount objective of discovering advances by publishing insightful, double-blind, peer-reviewed scientific journals.

    We drive innovation within the open knowledge community by collaborating with top universities and other research institutions worldwide. Over the years, Global Journals has published journals, articles, books, and reports in all major domains, including science, business, medicine, the humanities, and technology.

Key Features

Self-Innovated editorial and production standards with superior benchmark for journal assesments. Simple and encrypted research.
Regorous and enhanced double-blind peer-review process with robust standards (RAAR with Exclusive 50+ aspects) In-depth Live tracking of manuscripts and journals.
Publishing in 5 formats as 3D Virtual eJournal, Indexed docs OJS and Print Journal and mobile. Increased readability by social discovery and with "Cloud Archival policies" Indexed with all major organizations.
At present, call for paper is opened for a limited period. We invite you to submit your paper and grab the opportunity to exhibit your talent across the globe and move towards path of prosperity.
An International platform for Research, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Managers, Professional, Academicians and Professors.

Short Guide to New Editors

Role of a journal editor is not only thrilling but it is also a discouraging job if he works without daily interaction with associates. This guideline will put emphasis on relevant problems.

Preliminary steps to be taken at the joining time.

Firstly, Study existing process with important criteria of journal with preceding editor, then compare and analyses with OARS checkpoints.

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Short Guide to New Editors

A Short Guide to Ethical Editing for new Editors.

Corporate Responsibility

Global Journals Inc. (US) combines thoughtful research proficiency with innovative technology to convey vital information to expert decision makers around the globe.

Corporate Responsibility (CR) at Global Journals Inc. (US) is with reference to acceptance and supervision of our associations in four quadrants: our clientele, our place of work (our staff), our society (the places and people on which we operate), and the surroundings. Fundamental to the delivery of our strategy is healthy control and interactions policy.

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Corporate Responsibility

Our corporation has pledged to maintain the Principles of Open Association of Research, Society U.S.A and to protect its reliability, self-determination and liberty from unfairness in the meeting and publication of information and journals.

Rights and Responsibilities

Global Journals Inc. (US) recognizes that quality publishing is a team effort-not only must authors contribute, but so must editors, reviewers and professional staff.

Composed of the Global Journals Council, the Publications Board, the Special Interest Groups, program chairs and committees, editors-in-chief and editorial boards aim to provide the framework that allows all constituencies, including readers and libraries, to participate fairly and effectively.

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Rights and Responsibilities

Global Journals Inc. (US) is constructing a best-faith effort to implement the rights and responsibilities described in this document. However, Global Journals Inc. (US) will strive to correct any complications that do occur.

Peer Review Policy
How is the peer reviewer selected?
RAAR Report
Final report