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At present, call for paper is opened for a limited period. We invite you to submit your paper and grab the opportunity to exhibit your talent across the globe and move towards path of prosperity.


What we Stand for?

Global Journals  Inc.(US) uses online journals, e-journals, and print journals to broadcast and multi-cast world-class information to a global community of scientists, doctors, researchers, educators and decision-makers.

Innovative Tools

If information is relevant, reliable, unique and effective, it is very precious. That is why Global Journals™ Inc(US). publishes innovative research papers, which put our world-class information to work and solve our customers’ unique challenges and objectives.

Working Together

We develop journals from the customers’ point of view. We partner with professionals in research and technical communities to understand how they work and what they need, so that we can develop techniques and produce research which help them to be more effective. We distribute information and contribute to a common goal of advancing research and share the benefits which that brings.





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